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    Breakfast / Opening Session

    Salon C/D

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    Introducing Smart Thermostats

    Some of the most efficient tools for managing energy efficiency are the multitude of advanced thermostats that can automatically adjust temperatures and other environmental conditions to meet the specific requirements of both businesses and consumers. Given the speed and variety of smart thermostats entering the marketplace, providers are looking for insights to select the most appropriate device for their customers. This session will help the audience understand the capabilities, nuances and appropriate deployment options for smart thermostats, empowering them to fully optimize the financial and environmental benefits of these tools.

    • Speaker: Rathe Associates - Ken Resnick
    • Speaker: Resideo Technologies, Inc. - Dave Holland
    • Moderator: Brian Haggerty



    A Look at 2020 Lighting

    Today’s technology gives properties a multitude of ways to manage lighting. Integration with both Building Management Systems (BMS) and Energy Management Systems (EMS) empowers customers to automatically customize and control lighting systems to meet their specific needs. Our panel of experts will share insights to help the audience understand the capabilities of these solutions to properly automate and manage lighting within their own facilities.

    • Speaker: Big Shine Energy - August Kruesi
    • Speaker: RAB Lighting - Davis Rothenberg
    • Moderator: Eric Lisoski



    Air Source Heat Pump Applications to Decarbonize our Buildings

    Our homes and commercial properties account for nearly 60% of all energy use in New York, making this a critical sector on our path to a carbon-neutral economy by 2045. With growing focus on comfort and wellness, environmental impact and saving money, the adoption of air source heat pumps is increasing. During this session, you’ll learn about Daikin’s technological innovations in heat pump solutions and their proper use across all building types and applications.

    • Speaker: Daikin - Dennis Friedrich
    • Moderator: Alex Valentino



    Future of Energy Efficiency Programs

    PSEG Long Island has been at the forefront of developing and executing many energy efficiency programs that have made a positive impact for business and residential customers. But what’s on the horizon? Our experts will explain the new and compelling energy efficiency programs the company will roll out in the coming months.

    • Speaker: PSEG Long Island - Jossi Fritz-Mauer
    • Speaker: Lockheed Martin - Amelia Axtell
    • Moderator: Meaghan Rush



    A Primer on Financing

    PSEG Long Island, New York State, and other entities offer a broad array of financial programs designed to help businesses and consumers acquire and implement the most appropriate energy efficiency solutions for their needs. Interested in learning if your business is eligible to take advantage of these programs? If so, you’ll want to join us for this session and find out how you can participate in these essential financing programs.

    • Speaker: Energy Tax Savers - Jacob Goldman
    • Speaker: NRG Pays - Thomas Bethell
    • Moderator: Steve Orman
  • 10:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. • BREAK

    Coffee Break, Networking and Exhibition

  • 10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. • MORNING WORKSHOPS II


    The 411 on Air Source Heat Pumps

    As a means to promote renewable energy, Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) are a recognized solution to reducing consumption and increasing efficiency. This session will help attendees understand the benefits of this technology and will also offer suggested strategies for financing and implementing these solutions.

    • Speaker: Fujitsu - Mike Psihoules
    • Speaker: PlatskyHVAC - Bruce Bartlett
    • Moderator: Jonathan Tham



    Optimizing Mechanical Systems

    Many industries rely on complex mechanical systems as a way to heat and cool their facilities. Advancements in control solutions enable these organizations to optimize their systems and maximize efficiency. Let our team show you how advancements in Chiller and VRF technology can be a ground-breaking alternative for production facilities. You will not only gain insights about this technology but also hear about real-world success stories that illustrate the profound benefits of optimization.

    • Speaker: Carrier - Brian Meneghan
    • Speaker: LG - Ian Goicochea
    • Moderator: Ruchir Shah



    All About Ground Source Heat Pumps

    New York State has labelled Ground Source Heat Pumps as a potential game-changing solution for reducing energy consumption. While the technology has been widely acclaimed, relatively few providers have expressed the confidence or interest to deploy this technology. Our experts will provide a deep dive into this solution and offer practical advice for deployment.

    • Speaker: ZBF Geothermal - Zachary Fink
    • Speaker: Egg Geothermal - Jay Egg
    • Moderator: Josh Ebner



    The Road Ahead: Electric Vehicles

    According to the International Energy Association, the number of electric vehicles on the road will reach over 125 million in 2030, representing a 3000% increase over current levels. Along with the environmental benefits of electric vehicles also comes increased demand on the power grid. Our panel of experts will share insights and suggestions on how businesses and consumers can leverage the efficiency gains of electric vehicles while also maximizing sustainability.

    • Speaker: USGBC - Rosemary Mascali
    • Speaker: PSEG Long Island - Michelle Somers
    • Moderator: Brendan Fogarty



    Water Conservation Practices

    Successful energy efficiency practices extend well beyond managing electric consumption. Water conservation processes are also essential in maintaining a balance between economic requirements and environmental needs. This session will offer attendees practical ideas that will lead to improved water conservation practices – and lower energy costs – in both commercial and residential settings.

    • Speaker: DEC - Carrie Meek-Gallagher
    • Speaker: Suffolk County Water Authority - Joe Pokorny
    • Moderator: Wendy Smith
  • 11:45 a.m. - 1:15 p.m. • LUNCHEON / KEYNOTE SPEAKER

    Luncheon and Keynote Speaker Joe Connolly

    Salon C/D

  • 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. • AFTERNOON WORKSHOPS


    High Performance Solutions

    Today’s energy providers have access to a wide array of compelling tools and solutions that drive energy efficiency. Offerings like IoT, smart appliances and weatherization services enable businesses and residents the ability to quickly increase performance and lower energy costs. But with all this choice, choosing the right solution can be a challenge. Our team will help guide you through the labyrinth of possibilities to identify the right solution for your deployment.

    • Speaker: Sealed - Andy Frank
    • Speaker: Rheem - Diane Cabral
    • Moderator: Hamid Muneeb



    Custom Project Showcase

    Today’s technologies provide ways for companies to manage their energy utilization in much more dynamic and diverse ways. Companies are seeking and finding solutions that are custom designed to improve the efficiency of their operations more deeply and with more sophisticated integration that enables the necessary flexibility to protect the integrity of their business models. Our presenters will provide several real examples of how custom project solutions have worked successfully and discuss how this approach might benefit you.

    • Speaker: H2M Architects + Engineers - Erik Heuler
    • Speaker: GRR Cooling Experts - Rafik Galyanurov
    • Moderator: Doug Cahill



    Benchmarking: Measuring Success

    How does your organization compare with similar businesses regarding energy consumption? Benchmarking tools offer reliable insights into your energy usage, and help you identify multiple avenues to improve efficiency. In fact, many jurisdictions and providers now require customers to participate in benchmarking programs. Join this session to get the latest information on benchmarking and learn how it can benefit your organization.

    • Speaker: National Grid - Carolyn Scibelli
    • Speaker: Energy Project Consulting - Bill Artis
    • Moderator: Omar Qureshi



    All About Smart Meters & Home Devices

    Advancements in smart technologies are now impacting all energy users in new and exciting ways. Smart meters not only enable energy providers to accurately monitor consumption remotely, but they also enable customers to measure and understand their real-time usage. By coupling this information and knowledge with the growing availability of smart in-home devices, customers are in the strongest position ever to effectively monitor and control their use of energy. This session will provide a deep dive on the value alignment of smart metering and smart device technologies and innovations and explore how they can be leveraged to improve efficiency and customer service.

    • Speaker: Powerley - Emmett Romine
    • Speaker: PSEG Long Island - Balaji Ambriyath
    • Moderator: Marvin Toussaint



    Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    Solar, wind and other renewables are just some of the energy types frequently discussed as alternatives to fossil fuels. And while eliminating fossil fuels is certainly a noble goal that has lots of support, is it realistic? Are we ready for full-fledged departure from fossil fuel reliance? Find out what our experts think as they discuss the realities – and ramifications – of weaning off fossil fuels, and how it affects your business.

    • Speaker: LIPA - Justin Bell
    • Speaker: Lockheed Martin - Evelyn Dean
    • Moderator: Kathy Montijo
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    Coffee Break, Networking and Exhibition

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